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The Straffordville Evangelical Mennonite Church, an Evangelical Mennonite Conference (EMC) congregation, began holding services in 1996 as a church plant of Mount Salem EMC. Part of the motivation was to provide a church whose service was in Low German. Mount Salem’s service was in English.

Talk of a church plant started about 1990. Ten couples were commissioned in 1996 and the first service was held on 3 November 1996 in Straffordville Public School. The congregation held its chartering service on 16 March 1997, and in July 1997 the Straffordville EMC was officially received as a congregation within the EMC.

In fall the of 1997 the church began to meet in McGregor Public School in Aylmer, Ontario. It then rented a Reinlander Mennonite church that was originally a Kingdom Hall, located two kilometres south of Straffordville. Two adjoining partial lots and the building were then purchased, and two major additions have since been made.

John and Lorna Wall were the church’s first lead pastoral couple (1996-2005). Then Richard and Kathy Klassen began serving as pastoral couple (2005-2014) In February of 2015 Abe & Margaret Berg started serving as lead pastor couple in the church.

The congregation is largely composed of Low German-speaking Mennonites with roots in Mexico. While services started in Low German, the language used quickly shifted to English. Much of the shift had happened by 2005. In 2012, most of the service, including the message, was in English, though some singing and remarks occurred in German.

Board of Elders

Provide spiritual leadership, Christian ministry and support to the various programs in the local church.
Assist and enable the members of the church to serve and function as the priesthood of believers.

Senior Pastor
Maintain personal, spiritual and relational leadership in the church.
Preach and communicate the Word of God.
Provide pastoral care and counseling to those in need with the support of other ministerial staff.

Work in cooperation with the pastor in planning and participating in the preaching and teaching ministries of the church.
Provide support for the effective ministry of the church body.

Assess the needs in the church both physical and financial through visitation, godly council as deemed appropriate.
Assist and support the the pastor and ministers in providing spiritual leadership in the church.

Act as the liaison between the board and the church members.
Bringing concerns from the members to the board as well as seeking to explain the decisions of the board to the members.


Our Pastor

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